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A Day in the Life of Holme Bank

A typical day at Holme Bank is one that is filled with enjoyment, stimulation and above all, compassionate care, tailored to individual needs and wishes.

Up and about

The day shift begins at 7.00am, when a team leader and two carers will take over from the nightshift team and begin the process of getting the residents up and ready for breakfast.

This is the time when the new team will be brought up to speed with anything that has happened overnight or since they were last on duty.

Nicola Head, the Care Manager, says the dressing and breakfast process is an unhurried affair, with the residents encouraged to begin their day at their own pace.

“Breakfast, like all our meals, is very much prepared to suit individual tastes,” she says. “Some residents like to eat breakfast in the dining room with the others, whilst some prefer it in their rooms.”

Mornings are typically the time when nurse or GP visits take place. The hairdresser or chiropodist might call. It can also be a time when some relatives come to visit or take a resident for a trip out.

There is always a mid-morning coffee break for those at the home.

Lunch — main meal of the day

Lunch begins at around 12.30pm and is the residents’ main meal of the day.

One of our chefs will prepare tasty and nutritious food that caters for all tastes, particularly those who have difficulty eating. All our menus cater for those with specific dietary needs, such as those with Diabetes.

Lunchtime is a very sociable time; an opportunity for all the residents to enjoy some time together with the care team.

“Mealtimes, particularly lunch, are one of the times the residents look forward to and we try to make them as enjoyable as possible,” adds Nicola.

Fun time in the afternoon

Afternoon is fun time. There are regular sing-songs, games of cards or dominoes. The residents also love to talk about past times and are encouraged through selected themes.

Visiting entertainers will also come some afternoons to provide a variety of music and entertainment.

Afternoons are also an opportunity for the residents to enjoy some one-to-one time with the care staff.

“That can be anything from looking through a book, enjoying a chat or joining in with a sing-a-long CD; anything to stimulate the residents and provide some enjoyment during the afternoon,” says Nicola.

“In the summer months, we might take a group out for a little drive, a trip to Tettenhall Green for some shopping, or afternoon tea somewhere. Even a pub lunch, now and again.”

Between lunch and tea time, there will be an afternoon cup of  tea, served in the lounge or in the garden on warm, sunny days.

With lunch the main meal of the day, tea is a lighter meal, sandwiches, quiche or jacket potatoes, for example, and a small dessert, again made according to specific tastes and diets.

And time for bed ...

Like getting up and breakfast time, bed time is again a staggered affair, with some residents ready for bed early, others staying up later.

After supper (a hot milky drink and a choice from the supper menu) the residents will gradually get off to bed.

“All our shifts are busy and night-time is no exception,” says Nicola. “It is the time when we get all the things done that we can’t do during the day, like a mountain of laundry, ironing, cleaning the communal areas and paper work,” he adds. “We do rounds every two hours to check every resident in turn. Depending on what is needed, these rounds can take more than an hour at a time.”

That takes us through to the morning, when another day at Holme Bank begins.....