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Registered with the Care Quality Commission

About us


Holme Bank provides care and accommodation for twenty older people of either sex. In particular we provide a service for those diagnosed with dementia.

The home is not registered as a Nursing Home. However, the support of the National Health Service will be enlisted as necessary to enable residents to remain in the home unless the residents' GP recommends alternative arrangements.

We aim to:

(a) provide a secure home for as long as it is needed
(b) seek the maximum development of each   individual within their potential
(c) promote behaviour which conforms to socially acceptable norms
(d) promote within each individual the belief that his or her life and activities are as valuable and as valid as those of the rest of the population.

Objectives set to attain these aims are:

  1. To promote useful social contact with other members of the local community
  2. To provide a variety of meaningful activities for all residents.
  3. To provide individual care plans for each client to provide:
    (i) information on need
    (ii) the management’s ability to meet these needs
    (iii)identification of any unmet needs and how these will be met.
  4. To ensure that regular staff meetings take place at all levels of management and staff within the organisation. Regular management and staff meetings are a crucial part of any organisation
  5. To assist residents in securing appropriate medical care and to ensure that public services provide them with the same standard supplied to others. To counsel residents on the choice of services available to them.